Will Urban Meyer Coach College Football Again? A college football analyst thinks it will happen. 247Sports analyst Josh Pate thinks Meyer needs to coach.

“I have no doubt — there is no fence-riding here — I have no doubt that one day Urban Meyer will be a college coach again,” Pate said.

“I don’t know what year that is, but it’s not too far away. This guy isn’t complete without football

Urban Meyer, since he’s been breathing on this earth, he’s somehow involved in this game.

He’s been training for years, and has been for years now. He’s only in his late 50s.

Legacy means a lot to guys like that. If anyone in their right mind thinks the last thing

Urban Meyer will remember is what we call what happened in Jacksonville last year, then you’re crazy.”

Pate said he believes Meyer will rehabilitate his image on television this year. “Here’s what I would do if I were Urban Meyer, and I think he will,” Pate said.

“I would get myself back on TV asap because he’s one of the best I’ve seen coming off the sidelines and coming into the dressing room

“The 2023 Auburn Tigers will be headed onto the field with Urban Meyer as head coach,” predicted another fan. Where do you see Meyer coaching again – if at all?