New NBA Twitter feud on our hands. This time, it features none other than Draymond Green and rising star Ja Morant.

This all began when, on Mar. 28, Grizzlies forward Jaren Jackson used the popular Warriors' slogan, "Strength in Numbers,"

Klay Thompson referenced the tweet after beating Boston to win the title earlier this week.

"Strength in numbers is alive and well," Thompson said postgame.

Morant has since responded to Thompson on Twitter. "got a lot of real estate," he said with an accompanying laughing emoji.

I'll retweet that. Bummer Must Watch that  "The Freaking Clown"

Morant Retweet  Thompson's Response

Green doesn't  retweet ignore Ja's Recent Tweet

Draymond Green replly We traded that real estate in @JaMorant the property value was higher in Boston

Morant Won't Answer that.  What?!   Green's  Warriors Won

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